Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services does Development Resource Group provide?
We can work through entitlements to get things ready for development (zoning, re-zoning, improvement districts, and more). We provide professional surveying and engineering services to facilitate the design of all types of infrastructure, such as roads, drainage, water, sewer, and more.

When did you open and how many years’ experience does DRG have?
We opened in April 2019, but we have more than 30 years’ experience in the industry for countless clients. 

How many staff members do you have?
We currently have a staff of 18 of some of the best engineers, surveyors and support staff in the field. 

What are the sorts of residential projects you can do?
We can tackle everything from single-family subdivisions to multi-family complexes to master planned communities and more. 

What are the sorts of commercial projects you can do?
We take care of all types of these projects: retail, restaurants, hotels, office and medical buildings, parking facilities, marinas and docks. 

What are the sorts of municipal projects you can do?
Our skill set covers water/sewer extensions, pump stations, stormwater improvementsairports, parks, and roads.

What is your coverage area?
Anywhere along the East Coast of the United States.