Stormwater Design

It’s vital in our coastal area to manage and capture water runoff and stormwater pollutants to reduce any damage to our environment, all while complying with state and federal regulations. 

Which is why we’ve devoted the last 30 years to helping our municipal clients safely, successfully complete stormwater design projects throughout the community from the ground up. Because, if left untreated, the byproducts from hazardous waste, such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, chemicals and more, can cause harm and damage to water ecosystems.

Our comprehensive stormwater analysis will determine each client’s potential pollution risk, as well as the best solutions and treatment to prevent and capture stormwater pollution, which could include:

  • Screens/Filters: This is a more simple solution to capturing pollution in stormwater runoff. 
  • Downstream Defenders: When installed, these will capture and retain oils, sediment and floatables from stormwater runoff in a wide range of flow areas.
  • Bioretention: This infiltration method will reduce runoff and retain sediment, heavy metals, nutrients, oils and more. 
  • First Defense: As its name implies, this filter solution is a strong unit that can solve the problem in small or difficult sites.
  • Up-Flo Filter: This is a great way to capture sediment, heavy metals, oil and more from stormwater to severely cut maintenance costs. 
  • Hydro Brake Drop: This will guide water along its proper route to protect all surrounding infrastructure from damage, vibration and odor. 
  • Hydro Dry Screen: The hydro screen will catch and collect all stormwater trash and sediment, followed by dry storage to prevent nutrient pollution.