There has been a population boom in our coastal area, which has sparked a growth spurt of multi-family residential housing developments, condos and assisted living facilities. 

And, as the industry experts, DRG has been busy providing clients with our extensive experience and insight into making these multi-family buildings a reality and a success, from engineering to health and safety assessments to environmental and energy consulting and more. 

Our featured multi-family services include: 

  • Civil Engineering – We’re well-versed in all of the extensive legalities and specific requirements for: hydrologic, hydraulic and floodplain analysis; stormwater, sewer and drainage design; roadway and utility design and layout; LEED and green-friendly infrastructure; water quality and flood control; grading studies; construction documentation; building, road and parking layout; governmental permitting; due diligence; planting design; and infrastructure and traffic control plans.
  • Land Surveying – Our network of highly qualified, licensed surveyors will ensure that all surveys align with each client’s scope of work, plus local and state requirements. The information most often required by a land survey include Horizontal Property Regimes Plats, any property zoning setbacks, possible encroachments, flood zone conclusion, water boundaries, adjoining property owners and more. 
  • Environmental Consulting – Our staff of LEED professionals and energy specialists possess the technical skills and regulatory experience to help our clients with effective solutions to any environmental issues. 
  • Zoning Analysis – We will flawlessly perform this to determine a property’s: size, land use, the type of structures that can be built on the land, reconstruction or remodeling restrictions, and parking compliance. For the most accurate zoning analysis and land use regulations, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of any updates in local, county, state and federal laws, with separate zoning and land use regulations. 
  • Land Use Planning – Our expertise will shine through during this assessment of a property’s natural resources, including site planning, recreational planning, environmental planning and landscape architecture planning.